久本汽船株式会社Hisamoto Kisen Co., Ltd.


ABOUT US久本汽船について


We have an office in the eastern part of Okayama Prefecture called Hinase-cho. There are about 40 shipowners in Hinase.

We have own both ocean-going / domestic ship, and there are “own management ship” that carries out ship management my company, and “consignment management ship” that is entrusted to other companies and delegates management.

The main duty of the seafarer staff is to Navigation Watch, Cargo Watch and maintenance work and inspection from Authority. The shore staff’s duty is to arrange the supply of ship stores, lubricating oil, spare parts, etc. which are the necessary items of the ship, contract of insurance, inspection / survey for each organization attendance, internal inspection.

Domestic vessels are made up of Japanese crew members, while ocean-going vessels are mainly made up of Filipino crew members (bulker) and Indian crew members (tanker).Shore staff are to visit vessels at each port for coastal vessels, and for ocean-going vessels when there is an opportunity, such as when they call a port in convenient. Of course it is necessary to confirm the condition of the hull and the engine department, but while listening to the atmosphere on the ship and the health condition of the crew, we will communicate with each crew member for smooth work execution on both seafarer and shore staff. Deepen each other’s understanding. Cooperation between the seafarer and shore staff is essential, and visiting the ship is a good opportunity to deepen understanding and an important task.

  • Safety安全

    Through various perspectives and acts,
    shore staff and seafarers are dedicated to safety first on a daily basis.
    We do not grudge any efforts in maintaining a safe work environment.

  • Staff職員

    We actively exchange information and opinions
    to make a better working environment for all of our staff.
    We are dedicated to keep a positive work place and communicate staffs.

  • Serviceサービス

    Shore side staff and Seafarers share the latest intelligence
    and coordinatein the best way.
    We are always dedicated to do our best performance.


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